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Curiosity Is The Purest Form Of Insubordination

A quick one, SniffSnorters.

Following from the last post where we were awaiting the publication of the local newspaper on which we were front page for the whole street art storm in a teacup debacle, we were astounded to discover that we made front page.


We have yet to officially hear from the Council.

I have however been forwarded this clipping from the Chichester Society newsletter. It’s not available to the public yet. It intrigues me that the article hasn’t even a byline and let’s not even get into the inaccuracies of the reporting. Now remember, children, unless the artwork is endorsed by an official establishment and is under the umbrella of some well known project, then it simply isn’t allowed to be called art. Other than that, it’s just copying.


To reading about this today. My Twitter feed was alive with tweets from local Chichester tweet-people.


It’s elicited plenty of comments on my Whipped & Baked’s Facebook page. The reach so far is in excess of 2000.


And, on Twitter, @tnoac the people behind the Street Art Project have been making their views known on the matter.


I’d like to know who these critics are whose pressure the Council is succumbing to? What stakes do they have and how do their opinions matter more than others?

And does this mean if I gather enough critics of the now butchered Butter Market, the Council will revert it to what it was originally purposed for?

Stay curious, SniffSnorters, not judgmental.


3 thoughts on “Curiosity Is The Purest Form Of Insubordination

  1. Millions on Pallant House Gallery to show that Chichester supports the arts, then this………..if its not by a famous artist Chichester District Council won’t tolerate it. “I may not know a lot about art but I know what I like” comes to mind.

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