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Love In A Modern World

It is definitely sign o’ the times when Slaveboy and I are literally kicking each other about whose turn it is to do the sex talk. We both don’t want to do it and this time, I suppose I have more of an equal responsibility than that time when the subject about tight foreskins (!!!) and washing regimes had to be broached.

 Seeing that it will be Valentine’s Day, both Slaveboy and I have decided to break this mould this year and send Valentine cards.

But not to each other.

We chose two inoffensive and identical papercut cards. I shan’t share what they looked like and to whom exactly they were given but here’s what the content read like.

Suffice to say, the cards were met with crimson faces, scurried steps to the bedroom, followed by howls of laughter and what sounded like audible relief.


This Is Our 2011

And I am ready to lay it to rest. This year has been bittersweet, seeing us giddy and nauseous from the roller coaster ride that 2010 had presented us. Steeling our bellies, and struggling to regain equilibrium and initiate some momentum into our lives as a family. 

Blogging has been a release. A channel where I could focus on harnessing the ever-decreasing circle which had inhabited my mind for the past to years. It has also made me take up writing creatively as i am a passionate believer that everrything hinges on the telling, not the tale itself. 

Baking was an exercise in re-learning that some things are just a process, that you could mess up one component of a process and slow down its completion but these components are fixable, replaceable and afterall, part of the process. I sort of like to apply this concept to life itself, that rather than short, brief moments defining you forever, you’re actually involved in a process and that there is no race. You can see no one chasing you in the wing mirror. All you have is this unreaching horizon of what is the future and all you have tangible in your hands is the now.

Roller derby was a way to make peace with my physical self which at some deep rooted level, I felt had failed me when I was pregnant of the 7th Wonder. My physical self and I can look each other in the eyes now. 

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Dare I Mention It?

The Seventh Wonder, I am ashamed to admit, does not get to go out very often. It’s a carried on habit of mine, from when she was really ill and us still recovering from the experiences we had. It was only last week that she acquired her first ever winter coat.  
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Wonderwoman in Control Pants

I’m actually hoping to go out tonight with my friend, Caroline The MILF. And the MILF is probably going to have to wheel me to wherever we are going. To be frank, SniffSnorters, I am feeling bruised to the core. You’ve probably read about my weekly roller derby escapades and needless to say, this injury was acquired at said session.
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All Time Favourite Children’s Books

This came in the post for me today. I’ve been coveting this book for months now and it was finally at a price that I could justify buying. I came across this book when the children did their 10 week long art workshop at Aspex Gallery a couple of years ago where they were introduced to paper-cutting. My experience at the gallery has spurned my interest in visually heavy books with minimal written words. Being the sort of person who favours the written word, I find books which use images intriguing because I have to use other ways of reading. I’m studying lines, and light and lack of words. This has led me to wonderful graphic books like below.
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